Eastwind Running and Endurance

2018 Summer Running Series



Eastwind Running and Endurance is excited to offer our 3rd Annual Summer Running Series. Individuals can participate, Wednesday evenings at 7pm (6:30pm for Walkers) during the months of June, July and August. Routes change each week, with the distances ranging from 3 to 4 miles. This series is for all ages and paces! You will enjoy the vast areas of East County during the warm summer months. Being active and in the presence of a great group of people, who support each other and strive to encourage endurance in our community is a great way to spend your Wednesday evenings.


Youth Program Donation: Eastwind Running and Endurance will make a Donation to the Youth Program (High School or Younger) that is most represented throughout the Series. Participants, Volunteers and Cheer Squads make sure to sign in and make note of your affiliation!


POINT SYSTEM: Each participant earns points weekly by: Taking part in the event by completing the designated coursewith the group at the start time, or on their own the day of the event. (not the day before or the day after)

There are 10 Wednesdays this year and we have 5 different Routes that will be repeated TWICE on the schedule! You will earn 50 pointsfor every course you complete.


Purpose - Our purpose of the Summer Running Series is to help you improve your pace and offer a fun setting to run with others. This should be an event where you try your best each time to push for self-improvement. Keeping in mind, as in all athletic events, listen to your body and push yourself as much as your body allows. 


Awards - At the end of the season, we will have Awards for the most races run, best attitude, and more. We will provide a timing clock at every course. So, as you cross the finish line, keep an eye out for it! We will go off honesty when asking each participant to log their time and pace of each event.


Cost – Free to Paid Eastwind Running and Endurance members ($20 Adults and $15 Students) or $5 drop in fee per race for non-paid members. We also ask each participant to sign a waiver to cover liability.


Sponsors - We hope to have sponsors at as many of our events. There will also be a theme to each event to make it more fun!  We would love for everyone to dress up and join us!  We will also take group pictures pre-and post-race for everyone, including those that dress up!


Schedule – all runs begin at 7:00 pm (6:30 pm for Walkers) on Wednesday Nights June Through August, minus the 4thof July and the last 2 Wednesdays of August!


           Date               Location                             City                              


·       June 6th         Boring Brewery                   Boring

·       June 13th       Cazadero Trailhead            Boring

·       June 20st       Troutdale Airport                 Troutdale

·       June 27th       Tickle Creek                        Sandy

·       July 11th         Salish Ponds                      Gresham

·       July 18th        Tickle Creek                        Sandy

·       July 25th        Salish Ponds                       Gresham

·       August 1st     Troutdale Airport                  Troutdale

·       August 8th      Cazadero Trailhead            Boring

·       August 15th   Boring Brewery                    Boring


All locations, distances, and themes are subject to change. We will do our best to update changes on Facebook, and our Website.


Questions? Please email Rob Druffel at robdruffel@gmail.com


We look forward to seeing everyone out on the Courses this Summer!