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2018 Summer Running Series Coming Soon

Below is 2017's Info


Eastwind Running and Endurance is excited to offer our 2nd Annual Summer Running Series. Individuals can participate, Wednesday evenings at 7pm (6:30pm for Walkers) during the months of June, July and August. Routes change each week, with the distances ranging from 3 to 5 miles. Whether you race for individual improvement or competitively, this series is for all ages and paces! You will enjoy the vast areas of East County during the warm summer months. Being active and in the presence of a great group of people, who support each other and strive to encourage endurance in our community is a great way to spend your Wednesday evenings.



Each participant earns points weekly by:

1. Taking part in the event by completing the designated course with the group at the start time, or on their own the day of the event. (not the day before or the day after)

2. In addition to participation, additional points can be earned by improving your minutes per mile pace. Allowing every participant, the opportunity to accumulate the most points over the summer, regardless if you aren’t the fastest, have the most improved pace or complete every course.


There are 13 Wednesdays this year and we have 13 different courses on the schedule! You will earn 50 points for every course you complete. Also, for every second you cut off your per mile pace, you will earn an additional 2 points at the end of the Summer Series. Points can only be gained and not lost, so if your pace is slower than that of a previous best, you don’t lose points. It is important to note that improvements are based on your fastest pace and not your most recent race.


Here are a few examples of how scoring works:

1) If you run your first race at a 11:00 minute/mile pace and the last race at a 10:30 minute/mile pace, you would get 50 points for each of the runs, plus 60 additional points for shaving off 30 seconds. For a total of 160 points! Then add 50 points per event completed in between.

2) If you ran a 9:00 minute/mile pace in June, then didn’t run faster than a 9:15 minute/mile pace for all of July, but ran an 8:45 minute/mile pace in August, you would get 30 points for improving your pace. So, depending on how many races you participated in, your score would range from 130 – 680 (including the 50 points per race).


Our purpose of the Summer Running Series is to help you improve your pace and offer a fun setting to run with others. We strongly discourage anyone from purposefully completing a race at a slow pace at first, just to earn more points later by improving your pace drastically. This should be an event where you try your best each time to push for self-improvement. Keeping in mind, as in all athletic events, listen to your body and push yourself as much as your body allows.

            At the end of the season, we will have awards for highest points, most races run, most improved, best attitude, and etc. We will provide a timing clock at every course. So, as you cross the finish line, keep an eye out for it! We will go off honesty when asking each participant to log their distance, time and pace each event.


            Cost – Free to Paid Eastwind Running and Endurance members ($20 Adults and $15 Students) or $5 drop in fee per race for non-paid members. We also ask each participant to sign a waiver to cover liability.


            Below is a schedule of each week’s location. We hope to have sponsors at as many of our events and group runs. There will also be a theme to each event to make it more fun!  We would love for everyone to dress up and join us!  We will also take group pictures pre-and post-race for everyone, including those that dress up!


Schedule – all runs begin at 7:00 pm (6:30 pm for Walkers) on Wednesday Nights!


        Date               Location                                City                Distance       Theme                      

·       June 7th         Gresham Main City Park    Gresham       3 miles           Eastwind Apparel

·       June 14th       Troutdale Airport                 Troutdale      3 miles           Flag Day

·       June 21st       Powell Butte                        Portland        5 miles           Camo

·       June 28th       Sandy High School             Sandy           3 miles           Hawaiian

·       July 5th           Sports Community Park     Gresham       3 miles          USA

·       July 12th         Salish Ponds                      Fairview        4 miles           Crazy Hat

·       July 19th         Reynolds High School       Troutdale       3.1 miles        Crazy Socks

·       July 26th         Butler Creek Trail               Gresham       5 miles           College Apparel

·       August 2nd     Tickle Creek Trail               Sandy            4 miles           Bandana

·       August 9th      Barlow High School            Gresham       3 miles           Neon

·       August 16th    Gresham Butte                   Gresham       3.75 miles      Western Attire

·       August 23rd    Cazadero Trailhead            Boring           5 miles           Tourist

·       August 30th    Sunrise Park                       Troutdale       3 miles          Tie Die


All locations, distances, and themes are subject to change. We will do our best to update changes on Facebook, and our Website.


Questions? Please email Rob Druffel at robdruffel@gmail.com


We look forward to seeing everyone out on the Courses this Summer!